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Mom’s Favourite Toasted Egg

October 15th — and with 1 note

I am now a half-human + half-ghoul. lols 

I will use #NotAQuickSketch to every thing I’ll be sketching because it’s not really a quick sketch, but I really don’t care about the time so. Made two versions because I cannot pick.

Banana + Nutella Muffin / Chocolate Chip Cookies

The first time I baked was last week and it was cookies, and as my second time baking today, I baked Banatella Muffins. The instructions and ingredients were based from this book my mom bought me— My First Baking Book (which is intended for kids with 50 simple recipies). Geddit? I found it funny.

But before my first baking, I asked my mom to buy me an oven. I found this review a couple of months ago where she used the brand Imarflex for her baking oven and it did good, so mom and I went to Mall of Asia to check the brand out but, they had no convection oven for Imarflex, only a toaster oven. We checked out Thomson but the salesman introduced us to Breville, which is waaaay expensive than Thomson. From 6k to 18k, expensive right? But he had convinced us the advantages of Breville so in the end, we bought it. 

So far, I’m loving our new oven and I can’t wait to bake more from it. It has easier functions so you can easily cook anything from it. From roasted chicken, cookies, cupcakes to pizza, I cannot freaking wait to try them all.

Jazmin // September 13, 2014

September 18th — and with 1 note

Sagip Kalikasan / Save Freedom Island Movement -  September 13, 2014

The Save Freedom Island is in its third anniversary, having a partnership with Senator Cynthia Villar, who, herself, also joined cleaning the coastal bay area that has been reclaimed. Many of the organizations and schools have joined the event including our university through the AUSG.

Lana del Goddess

September 8th — and with 0 notes