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Tadhana - Up Dharma Down

March 25thvia and with 15 notes

What kind of a person am I if I tell you that I don’t know how to use iMovie? A Jon Snow, I know nothing.

Something I did for finals. What do you think? I want to know because I am not confident in anything I created. :)

A short film by AMC 302 for their Radio/TV Production, Mr. Julius Segovia

Written by: Chinchin Bernabe
Directed by: Jorelle Ramirez
Starring: Alma De Castro, Gira Donghit, Jessa Tomagan, Jorelle Ramirez, Alily Eser, Gibo Pinza and Angela Elano

It is a one hilarious short film. :)

March 17th — and with 1 note

This man, this perfect, beautiful man kidnapped my heart. I have no other way to express my feelings but scream and cry in my head. There’s just no other way. I am Sherlocked.

March 9th — and with 1 note

So this is how my laptop looks like on the outside. Will print and add more stickers one of these days. :>

March 9th — and with 3 notes